The Easiest Way to Make Personalized Gifts

I love to use ceramic transfers to make personalized gifts. The gifts look expensive, but they really are not! I discovered ceramic decals a few years ago. I wanted to make a personalized mug for one of my son’s teachers. I do not draw well, so I practiced the lettering on paper, but it did not look good, no matter how much I practiced.

I told a crafty friend of mine how frustrated I was getting, and she told me about ceramic decals and how easy they are to apply. I could not get one ordered soon enough! When it arrived, it was exactly what I wanted, and I had the mug completed in minutes!

Since then, I give personalized mugs to all of my son’s teachers, every year. I tell my friends about ceramic decals whenever they are trying to come up with a unique gift idea.

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July 6th, 2015 by Edwina